it’s a…

Another GIRL!!

We had a small, fun gender reveal party where we opened a box full of pink balloons. It was a fun experience for the girls. Elliot had her heart set on a baby brother and was a little upset that she is having another sister… in fact, she ran up to her room crying when the pink balloons flew up. It took her a little while to come downstairs, but when she did she was all smiles. I asked her this morning how she felt about having another sister and she says, “I’m still a little mad, but mostly happy. I’m just happy to have another baby!” Well, that’ll have to do for now. I know she’ll come around when Baby arrives and she got so excited when I told her she could bring pink treats to school on Monday!


We are so excited! I honestly couldn’t imagine anything other than another little girl… it seems to be our specialty! Now time to go through all the bins and pull out newborn girlie clothes again!!

If you have tips on raising a tribe of girls, send them my way :-)

Baby D #3 // 21 weeks

I can’t believe we’re already halfway there with Baby D #3. I found this journal that documents your pregnancy every few weeks and I thought it would be fun to do since this is Baby #3 and I’m so busy with the other two kiddos that its tough to really sit down and enjoy this pregnancy. Although, with Cora coming so soon after Elliot I almost have more time this time around to document, not so much to relax though. So here is my pregnancy journal at 21 weeks…


How far along: 20 weeks // 6 days – due June 3
Gender: We don’t know yet – we find out February 3rd
Weight gain: 9 pounds

Last Doctor’s check-up: December 30 // 17 weeks 6 days

Maternity clothes: I’ve started wearing maternity clothes because even my “fat pants” are getting too snug. They will still fasten (with the helpful hairband through the button-whole trick) but maternity pants are sooooo much more comfy! Hello, stretchy goodness that goes over your belly and up to your chest!! I’m not quite sure my puffy winter coat will get me through the last couple months of MN temps since the snaps already shoot open the second I sit down. But, I’m determined not to buy any unnecessary clothes this time around so I may just be a walking puffball as I squish myself into my coat… just watch out for flying buttons.

Sleep: I sleep great. Up at least 3 times in the night because of my full bladder, though. It’s been a good year of not getting up with either of the girls so the new babe will be completely starting over in that department.

Miss anything: Alcohol. Of course, when I can’t have it I want it. A refreshing gin & tonic sounds so delicious. I just envision myself sipping one on the porch on an early spring day while holding my new little nugget and the girls are running around in the yard. Hey, I can dream, right?? Oh, and coffee. I had to cut back from my daily triple-espresso orders to just one cup of morning java. I bought decaf k-cups in bulk to try and trick my mind into my afternoon “pick-me-ups.” Also traveling. We had a girls vacation planned to Puerto Vallarta next month, but to be on the safe side with the zika virus going around my doctor recommended I don’t go, so I’m deciding to stay back. I will be missing the sun, ocean and company (and the all inclusive food), but the safety of my little one is definitely worth it!

Movement: I just felt it today! Sitting on the couch I felt a little movement so I put my hand on my tummy and sure enough it happened again – such an amazing feeling! I remember from my previous pregnancies that I have an anterior placenta so the baby has to kick through that before I can feel any movement and it wasn’t until around this point in the pregnancy that I remember feeling any kicks with the girls. I can’t wait until the girls can feel it though. They keep asking how big is baby and can’t believe that there is a “mango” in my tummy right now :)

Cravings: Toasted bagels with melted creamy peanut butter – Mmmm. Also, any and all fruit. And banana chips. And weirdly, celery. Not sure why, I’ve never really cared for celery, but I can’t get enough of it right now… especially dipped in creamy peanut butter!

Looking forward to: The ULTRASOUND!! I pray for a healthy little peanut, but I am so excited to find out the gender this time around. The girls ask me every day if they can have a brother and I know deep down Eric would love a son. As for me… I just don’t know what I would do with a little boy. We wouldn’t have to buy as much stuff… (we got rid of pretty much everything because we were done having babies so we still have to purchase/borrow a ton either way) but, it would be pretty fun to have a little man that the girls can watch over and protect. We’ll see soon – 2 weeks can’t come soon enough!

In the meantime, just going to enjoy this pregnancy and hope that it slows down some. But not too much, I already can’t wait to wrap my arms around my new little babe and snuggle it to pieces!!


I’d love to hear what you think we’re having!

we have a secret to share!

A new little Daniels babe is on the way!

Estimated due date :: June 3, 2017. Here are a few pics of the girls sharing the news and just being cute.


Here’s a fun video on how we told the girls that they’re going to be Big Sisters.

We are all so excited for Baby to arrive and June seems so far away!! But, it’s the second trimester already and I know Baby will be here eventually and the new little one will be completely smothered in love from our entire family, especially it’s two older sisters!


back to school

And they’re back! The girls are so excited to be back in school! We’ve had an awesome summer, but I know they’re ready to get back into a routine and to see their real friends, not just momma. The day started off wet & rainy and in need of raincoats and umbrellas (all of which E forgot at school of course), but after hearing about her day, it sounded like it was nothing but sunshine and rainbows. She’s such an extrovert that I know she will come home with a million new friends this year.collage-2img_6071elliot-loves2collage-4img_6098img_6099img_6100And how did this little chick get so big?? It seems like she turned into a little lady over the summer! I mean, look at her sweet face. Cora’s more of an introvert (like her momma) so making new friends is a little more difficult for her. I knew she was a tad nervous about going, but as soon as I dropped her off at school one of her buddies gave her a huge hug, which made her feel reassured and excited to start the day.cora-lovescollage-3img_6128img_6121img_6129img_6133We’re looking forward to a GREAT year ahead! Go get ’em girls!!

summer 2016.

This summer has been crazy-fun, non-stop and absolutely perfect. We have loved every minute of it! It took a bit for the summer to get going with Elliot’s cast on for an extra few weeks than we thought, more about that here, but once her cast was off, so were we! From park hopping, farmers markets and splash pads, to a Winnipeg road-trip, Valleyfair, and lots and lots of swimming! Oh, and whats summer without a ton of ice cream in between?! Eric and I were even able to sneak in a few day-dates too! I’m so blessed to be able to have this time with my kiddos and we’ve had an absolute blast – here are some pics to show it!




I want to remember the sounds and smells of this summer when looking at these pics :: water splashing, giggles, squeals, fresh grass, sunscreen, chlorine, sand in-between our toes, drippy-sticky ice cream on our hands, the snuggles, the I love yous and Goodnight Mamas.

School starts in 3 weeks and the girls are very excited, and I am excited for them, but honestly I don’t want this summer to end. The beautiful weather, the freedom that we’ve had with no schedule or places to be other than the next park on our list… We’ll see what the new [school] year brings, but in the meantime, I will be here, soaking up every day with my girls, saying YES as much as I can, and enjoying every ray of sunshine until summer bids us farewell as it always does…

kindergarten graduate!

We did it! First year of school is in the books for this little chickie. She has learned so much this year and we couldn’t be more proud of her! She has made A LOT of new friends [hello, birthday party almost every weekend!], has created so many memories, brought home so much paperwork showing how much she’s learned, and has really grown up since the beginning of the school year. I mean, look at this silly, sassy, spunky face ::






We really can’t believe that the year is over and I’m sure I will hear “When do I go back to school?” sooner than I think, but until then, it is officially summer! I see lots of picnics and sunscreen in our future. Let the [warm] memory-making begin!!

preschool graduation 2016

Welp, that went by fast! This little chickie is already done with her first year of preschool. She’s learned so much over the year :: how to write her name, how to hold scissors and cut, how to draw straight lines, how to line up, how to keep hands to herself, how to LISTEN, how to SHARE and to put others before herself. She had two really great teachers who helped guide her through the year and she finished the year a really smart, independent little cookie. Still a little shy, but that’s just her. She met some great friends (and one boyfriend) and she’s already asking if she has preschool tomorrow. No hunny-bun, not for a few months. At least we know she’ll be excited to go back! Here’s some pics of the morning.

IMG_5961IMG_5964IMG_5971IMG_5974IMG_5982IMG_5990IMG_5991So this little guy is Logan. Apparently Logan talks about Cora all the time, even named his new cat Cora (how fitting, Cora the Cat). After I had told Cora this she immediately started calling Logan her boyfriend. The two of them were so sweet together, making sure to say their goodbyes at the end of the day. Cora even points out her “boyfriend” on her class photo to everyone who comes into her room. Ah, her first crush, just like Miss E and Bryce!IMG_5995IMG_5998These three have become good buddies over the year and are planning some summer playdates. So sweet!IMG_6009IMG_6018This year went incredibly fast! Didn’t they just start school?? There would have been some major tears today, but I know she will be back in preschool next year. Cue the tears a year from now though!