Halloween 2017

When Mama’s coffee obsession goes a little too far…😋☕ But these have got to be the cutest Starbucks barista, frappuccino and espresso bean I’ve ever seen!


It was a chilly night – only 34 degrees, but the girls bundled up and had a blast! Can’t help but think about next year when we’ll have three trick-or-treaters!


family photos 2017

It’s that time of year again… FAMILY PHOTOS!! I have a love/hate relationship with family photos. I love capturing the moment of our family at that particular time of year, but I hate finding coordinating outfits, props, and making candy-filled promises for a tear-free and big-smile-but-don’t-look-like-a-robot time. It just gets to be so stressful, especially as a family of five now. But somehow, this year just seemed easier. Maybe I didn’t care as much or I was just in the mindset that it is what it is, but to make things as easy as possible, the girls wore outfits they already owned and the photoshoot only lasted about 10 minutes, taken in our backyard. And although Aria was in desperate need of a nap, and we have a total of two pictures where everyone is smiling (or at least not screaming)… I still love them so darn much! I’m so thankful for the way these photos are gentle reminders to slow down and enjoy life’s moments as they happen – tears and all :)

DAN17SEPT (2)DAN17SEPT (3)DAN17SEPT (4)DAN17SEPT (5)DAN17SEPT (7)collage2DAN17SEPT (12)DAN17SEPT (13)collage1DAN17SEPT (15)DAN17SEPT (19)Photos taken by Mandy Pardo.

moments matter challenge :: september

It’s been a few months with a new baby, and I feel like we’re in a kinda-sorta-semi-routine around our house so I thought I’d take on another Moments Matter challenge. It’s always so fun to take a step back and think about the photo prompt and how I can interpret it. I started out so strong and actually made it most of the month… but then life got in the way and one day slipped by, then two, and before I knew it the month was over. But, I am really happy with the snippets of our lives that I did manage to capture and it will be fun to look back and remember these moments, which is the whole purpose of these challenges.


Day 1. Embrace :: This is real life – screaming baby, messy house, ponytail, yoga pants… and I’m embracing every moment.

Day 2. Happy Place :: Of course my happy place is with my family, BUT once a week I get to disappear alone to another happy place where my OCD deal-finding and family organization can come alive.

Day 3. Share :: Captured this moment last night of Daddy sharing a moment with his baby girl.

Day 4. Cool :: Keeping cool with water balloons on the LAST day of summer. Back to school tomorrow!


Day 5. Closeup :: Baby feet. Just want to smooch on them all day long.

Day 6. Schedule :: The back-to-school schedule has begun. This girl told me I have to wake her up early enough so she has time to put her makeup on.

Day 7. Small :: Small babe in a big ol bed…

Day 8. Season :: The season of bonfires, s’mores and patio dinners is almost over. We were able to sneak one more in… wearing a swimsuit, of course.


Day 9. Golden :: Soaking in the golden hour with my littlest sunshine girl.

Day 10. Write :: Writing the weeks to-dos, meal planning, and enjoying some (short lived) quiet time. For some reason, actually writing things down and being able to check them off my list makes me happy.

Day 11. Remember :: I want to remember how little you are, the way you fit in my arms and the way your head lays gently on my shoulder when you’re tired. You are growing so fast and pretty soon these baby snuggles will be hard to come by. Soaking it in.

Day 12. Comfy :: That time of day when the warm sun shines in, I’m sipping on a reheated cup of coffee, the babe is still snoozin, and the house is quiet from the morning rush. So comfy.


Day 13. A is for :: …adorable Aria. Had to do it.

Day 14. Funny :: Funny, but perfect shirt for these two when brushing their hair is a daily struggle.

Day 15. Bake :: Lemon Coconut Protein Macaroons – a “healthy” sweet treat!

Day 16. Thankful :: This guy :: Daddy. Husband. Partner. Doctor. Provider. Pretty darn thankful for him and all that he does for his girls.


Day 17. Leaves :: That time of year again… and I love it!

Day 19. Circles :: So many circles here, but those big brown eyes are my favorite!

Day 20. Change :: No better day to change up the decor than on the first day of Fall – although at almost 90° in MN it sure doesn’t feel like it…

Day 21. Door :: The family watchdog protecting her territory. Watch out, she’ll lick you to death.


Day 22. Pattern :: Mondays are for all the fun patterns. And for coffee. Lots of coffee.

Day 23. Treat :: When you find your favorite treat in flavors you’ve never tried… you buy them all!! Decisions, decisions…

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2nd grade & kindergarten

Another school-year has come. I knew the summer would fly by with a new baby and that school would come so fast, but man, it really did just creep up on us. The summer feels like a blur, but here we are :: Elliot entering 2nd grade and Cora is a Kindergartner! Both girls were excited for the first day, Cora was a little nervous, but having Elliot there with her to ride the bus to school and bring her to her classroom was a big help! I know they’ll be rock-stars this year and we’re all excited to see what this year brings!


**UPDATE** So far the school-year has brought a lot of germs. Both kiddos are sick and Cora has already missed a day of school. Ugh, welcome to the cesspool of germs called back-to-school…

She’s here!!

Miss Aria Jaymes Daniels.

Born June 1st, 2017 at 9:46 pm. She weighed 7 pounds exactly and was the shortest of the three at 19.5″. The girls simply adore her and have been such great helpers! We love our new little girl so much and couldn’t imagine our family without her ♥. We are officially a family of F I V E !

ARIA17JUNE (3)ARIA17JUNE (8)ARIA17JUNE (11)ARIA17JUNE (14)ARIA17JUNE (17)ARIA17JUNE (21)ARIA17JUNE (23)ARIA17JUNE (26)ARIA17JUNE (28)ARIA17JUNE (29)ARIA17JUNE (35)collage2ARIA17JUNE (46)ARIA17JUNE (45)collage1


preschool graduation 2017

She’s done! This little chick is officially on her way to Kindergarten! It’s so fun to look back and see how much she’s grown since last preschool year. I remember thinking last year “No big deal, we’ll be back for another year of preschool…” But now this is it! No more kiddos in preschool (well, for about 5 years or so when we start all over again.) There may have been a few misty eyes, and Cora even shed a few tears saying she’s not ready to be done yet, but I know she’s definitely ready to follow her big sister off to school in the fall!


We’ve been going to preschool for 3 years now with both girls even Mama is going to miss it a little bit. We love the teachers and Cora had so much fun this year. We are so proud of all that’s she’s learned and can’t wait to see what she does in Kindergarten! Way to go Kit-Cat!!

Baby D #3 // 37 weeks

Baby month?? I’m thinking that if I don’t go early, I have gotten to the point where I’m just too lazy to do anything so this is the last bump date. So here we go… 37 week bump date. Next post :: Baby A’s arrival!


How far along: 37 weeks
Gender: GIRL!! Another ultrasound at 36 weeks confirmed it!
Weight gain: 30 pounds. “All baby” is what I hear, but I feel like a chunk all over.

Maternity clothes: So. Sick. Of. Them. I didn’t buy too much this time around so the 5 shirts, 1 hoodie and 3 pairs of pants is stretching really thin these days. Literally. Thank goodness for maternity leggings. If I’m not out in public, its a guarantee I’ve got them on. Who am I kidding, even when I am out in public I’m wearing them. Its gotten to the point where I could really care less about how I look, as long as whatever I’m wearing covers my belly and the seat-belt doesn’t cut off circulation on the way there.

Doctor apts: // 36 weeks // I was measuring 34 weeks so the doctor ordered an ultrasound to make sure all is good. And it is. Little miss A is just another itty-bitty chickie, weighing in at 5 pounds, 9 ounces. But with another 2+ weeks to go hopefully she’ll chunk herself up, otherwise we’ll have another little one in preemie clothes like Cora! I’ve got one preemie outfit packed in the hospital bag juuuuust in case! // 32 weeks // baby was breech so I became creative in finding natural ways to flip her around, and it worked! // 28 weeks // I failed my 1 hour glucose test and had to take the 3 hour test. So awful!! In between fasting for 12 hours and drinking the equivalent of two Mountain Dews in a 2 minute time span I got sick and ended up sleeping in a dark ultrasound room for 3 hours, in between being woken up 3 times for blood draws. I did pass the test though, thank goodness!

Miss anything: Being able to bend over without huffing & puffing. Since I’m tall anyways, things are a ways down for me… add a basketball in-front of my belly and I’m forced to think about what I’m picking up every single time, and if its actually worth it.

Movement: So much!! It’s so fun to look down and see my tummy ripple with her squirms. For the most part she’s not too active during the night (or I just might not notice it) so I’m hoping that is a sign of her sleeping pattern once she’s here!

Cravings: Not much more than earlier on. I kind of go through phases of what I like. Lately, its been cereal. And I could eat a whole bag of ceaser salad mix in one sitting.

Looking forward to: Baby being here. Her little squishy face and newborn baby smell and watching the bond form between Elliot & Cora and their new sister. I’m also actually looking forward to night feedings where its just me & her. I’ve always enjoyed that quiet time with my kiddos. Nothing like a bond between baby and mama. Its when they’re a little older and decide that 4:00 AM is the time to start the day that I could do without. There were several of those days where I got myself ready and started the day myself. It made for a really long work day!

Baby A, we love you and are so ready to meet you! Hang tight just a little longer though… we have Auntie’s wedding and your big sister’s birthday to get through this weekend! And a jam-packed week following that, so you have permission to come after next Sunday. Or I suppose… whenever your little heart desires :)