that’s a wrap!

So long 2nd grade and kindergarten!! The girls rocked┬áit this year and we are so excited for the summer break to start! Well, at least most of us are… [scroll down]


And it wouldn’t be my girls without some silly outtakes ::IMG_8543collage1


aria’s first birthday

ONE ::
Well, little love… here we are. ONE YEAR! And what a fun year it has been!! As much as my heart wants to keep you little forever, it is such a joy to watch you grow. From only wanting to be with Mom, to slooowly becoming more accustomed to other people, to your buck-tooth smile when you sass with your sisters; you are a joy and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings. We love you so much, Miss Aria. Thank you for completing our family. Happy GOLDEN Birthday!