nursery reveal

Baby’s nursery :: officially my favorite little room in the house! I wanted a super simple nursery so I stuck with the black & white theme. And you can’t go wrong with watercolor so when I found these dots, I knew they’d be perfect for adding a touch of color to the room on one accent wall.


Above: I did a little DIY with the bookshelf. I added a piece of pine board onto the top just to tie it into the room a little more and to make it more sturdy with all the books. And the ladder… Eric made it! I wanted a way to display all the cute blankets so he built it and I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for grabbing a swaddle blanket or Baby’s new quilt once Grandma is finished. Below: It was so fun going through the bins of baby clothes and pulling out the newborn pieces. I even added in a few preemie onesies that Cora wore home juuuuust in case she makes her debut a little early or if she turns out to be a little 5 pounder like her sister. But, by how huge I feel this time, I don’t think that’s possible.


As you’ve figured out by now, Baby’s name starts with A… but that’s all your gettin’!! This fun print was sent to me by my new friend, Kate from Welcome Tempest Studio. She hand painted the floral wreath just for the nursery and it fits perfectly!


Above: I forget how itty-bitty the newborn diapers are. They fit in my hand!! Below: This little guy is Seymour the sloth :: Jan made him! Isn’t he so adorable?!!

IMG_6735collage3If you need me during the next month I’ll just be sitting in this room anticipating Baby A’s arrival and thinking how we will soon become a family of 5. FIVE!!! I would love it if she held out until June. That way our family would have birthdays in March (me), April (Eric), May (Elliot) & June (Baby A). And then there’s Miss Cora in October :) We shall see… she will come when she’s ready and I just have to trust in God’s timing. But, whenever she does decide to make her debut she better be prepared to be smothered in much anticipated hugs & kisses from everyone!! The countdown is on :: only about 6ish weeks to go! Eeeek!


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