moments matter challenge :: march

I attempted another Moments Matter challenge in March, but didn’t do so well this time around… ahem, baby on the brain perhaps?! I started out strong… but kind of faded as the month went on. Oh well.


Day 1. Simple :: I’ve found out that life is much more simple when you let your littles dress themselves (plus, it’s also quite entertaining). Here’s Elsa in cat pants and red clogs reading a book. It’s the simple things.

Day 2. Imperfect :: This mama is anything but perfect. We just take it day by day and tackle each challenge as it comes. Current challenge :: finding shirts that cover the bump.

Day 3. Lucky :: This prompt is an easy one… I feel so very LUCKY to have two little chickies, soon to be three!

Day 4. Friend :: This girl and all her critter friends. She can’t sleep without each and every one of them and knows when one is missing.


Day 5. Clean :: This girl is part clean-freak, just like her mama. Always asking to do the dishes or to help with vacuuming or washing windows. Pretty soon I’ll be able to just let her take over. Maybe.

Day 6. Imagine :: My two princesses at Disney on Ice. A perfect place to let their imaginations run wild!

Day 7. Shape :: Excited for the nursery that’s very slowly starting to take shape. It’s still a big ol’ mess, but it’s a start.

Day 8. Explore :: This child… always exploring. Her favorite critters in nature are the fuzzy “calerpitters.”


Day 10. Hands :: The hands of time tick by so fast. And it is so true that the days are long, but the years are short. We seem to always be looking ahead to what is coming. Spring. Then new baby. Then summer break. It’s a constant reminder to slow down and enjoy all the moments and ticks in between life’s milestones. They will come soon enough.

Day 12. Soft :: Wicket. The softest cat who also happens to be the coolest. She plays fetch, brings you presents from the hamper and let’s the girls include her in their play – which consists of anything from dressing her up, pushing her in a stroller, or piling blocks ontop of her to see how tall it can get.

Day 13. Sky :: Fresh falling snow from the sky is so beautiful up close.

Day 14. Breakfast :: Starting the day with her favorite meal :: cereal.


Day 16. Green :: Pretty greenery (that is almost impossible to kill) + morning sunlight.

Day 17. Today :: Sent the kiddos on a scavenger hunt to search for all the Pantone green they could find in the house. It kept them busy for a hot minute and they had fun… all that matters, right?

Day 18. Fast :: When you start to dress like your new favorite room in the house. 29 weeks already… this pregnancy is going so FAST!

Day 21. Mood :: a mix of excitement, sadness and nostalgia as my little one is officially signed up and registered for kindergarten next year! She is so ready. Not sure about Mama though.


Day 24. Black & White :: Thirty four. It’s been a fun birthday filled with lots of love by my people making me feel special. I’m a happy mama with [ all ] her girls.

Day 28. Contrast :: Thought I should toss in just a liiiitle contrast and color for baby girl amongst the black and white theme.


It was fun to take the time each day… or every two, three, four days to focus on a subject and interpret it the way I like. But, somehow the days got away from me and before I knew it the month of March was over. Which means, we’re closer to B.A.B.Y!! The countdown is on….52 days (or even less) to go!!


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