Baby D #3 // 27 weeks

We’re already well over the halfway point with only 14 weeks to go! And if she’s anything like her older sister who came almost 2 weeks early then we only have closer to 12 weeks to go, eeeek! I feel like I’ve been pregnant for so long. I’m ready to be done… but also not, does that make sense? I’m so ready to get back into baby mode, but I’m not ready to give up the little bit of freedom and quiet time that I have now. Like, sleeping (almost) through the night. That will be a wake-up call for me. Literally. And I’m hopeful that since she will be here right around the end of the school year (or a few weeks before, we’ll see…) that when the girls get woken up in the middle of the night they can sleep in as late as they want during summer break. Fingers crossed!


How far along: 27 weeks
Gender: Another girlie!
Weight gain:  20 pounds, yeeesh!!

Maternity clothes: Yep. All of them. There’s no point in being uncomfortable at this point, I might as well wear the pants that go up to my chest and the shirts with the scrunchy sides that shows off my “Yep, she’s definitely pregnant” figure. I have been pretty good about not buying too many new clothes for this pregnancy. I had a bin of clothes from 5 years ago and although they’re not the most stylish clothes anymore, all I have to really impress this time around are the parents at preschool drop-off (and clearly I don’t).

Sleep: It’s getting a little tricky to sleep through the night. I’m either woken up by my protruding bladder or little squirmy kicks. It’s starting to become tough to roll over from side to side and it takes a valiant effort to get up out of bed :: 1-2-3-GO!

Miss anything: 60 degree weather! We were teased with it for a few days in a row and it felt so nice to go outside and play. Can’t wait for it to return! Also, a beer is sounding more and more delicious as the days get warmer, ha!

Movement: So much movement! To the point that she makes my whole body shake! The girls and Eric have even felt her kick. The other day, Cora was playing with a flashlight on my belly and Baby was kicking back! Its so sweet to see the look on Cora’s face, like she understands that there is something inside me that will soon be here and called her “little sister.”

Cravings: I still love most fruits, but then I also love all the sweets so not sure if there is much balance there. It’s a good and bad thing that its Girl Scout cookie season because I want to eat all the Thin Mints in existence and feel like right now I have an excuse to do so, but I also know that I’m not too far away from needing to take it all off again. Tough choices, I know…

Looking forward to: Setting up the nursery. Right now it is a disaster with everything I want to eventually end up in there, but we need to figure out the layout first before I can start hanging things up and putting all the itty-bitty baby newborn clothes into the drawers. I went through the baby clothes to pick out the newborn pieces and oh my, heart melt! There’s so many memories that are attached to each piece from the other two girls, I just can’t wait to see our new little peanut in them!!

Things are slowly coming together and we’re getting more and more excited!! We’ve narrowed it down to just a couple names that we agree on and that helps to make things feel even more real!