it’s a…

Another GIRL!!

We had a small, fun gender reveal party where we opened a box full of pink balloons. It was a fun experience for the girls. Elliot had her heart set on a baby brother and was a little upset that she is having another sister… in fact, she ran up to her room crying when the pink balloons flew up. It took her a little while to come downstairs, but when she did she was all smiles. I asked her this morning how she felt about having another sister and she says, “I’m still a little mad, but mostly happy. I’m just happy to have another baby!” Well, that’ll have to do for now. I know she’ll come around when Baby arrives and she got so excited when I told her she could bring pink treats to school on Monday!


We are so excited! I honestly couldn’t imagine anything other than another little girl… it seems to be our specialty! Now time to go through all the bins and pull out newborn girlie clothes again!!

If you have tips on raising a tribe of girls, send them my way :-)


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