Baby D #3 // 21 weeks

I can’t believe we’re already halfway there with Baby D #3. I found this journal that documents your pregnancy every few weeks and I thought it would be fun to do since this is Baby #3 and I’m so busy with the other two kiddos that its tough to really sit down and enjoy this pregnancy. Although, with Cora coming so soon after Elliot I almost have more time this time around to document, not so much to relax though. So here is my pregnancy journal at 21 weeks…


How far along: 20 weeks // 6 days – due June 3
Gender: We don’t know yet – we find out February 3rd
Weight gain: 9 pounds

Last Doctor’s check-up: December 30 // 17 weeks 6 days

Maternity clothes: I’ve started wearing maternity clothes because even my “fat pants” are getting too snug. They will still fasten (with the helpful hairband through the button-whole trick) but maternity pants are sooooo much more comfy! Hello, stretchy goodness that goes over your belly and up to your chest!! I’m not quite sure my puffy winter coat will get me through the last couple months of MN temps since the snaps already shoot open the second I sit down. But, I’m determined not to buy any unnecessary clothes this time around so I may just be a walking puffball as I squish myself into my coat… just watch out for flying buttons.

Sleep: I sleep great. Up at least 3 times in the night because of my full bladder, though. It’s been a good year of not getting up with either of the girls so the new babe will be completely starting over in that department.

Miss anything: Alcohol. Of course, when I can’t have it I want it. A refreshing gin & tonic sounds so delicious. I just envision myself sipping one on the porch on an early spring day while holding my new little nugget and the girls are running around in the yard. Hey, I can dream, right?? Oh, and coffee. I had to cut back from my daily triple-espresso orders to just one cup of morning java. I bought decaf k-cups in bulk to try and trick my mind into my afternoon “pick-me-ups.” Also traveling. We had a girls vacation planned to Puerto Vallarta next month, but to be on the safe side with the zika virus going around my doctor recommended I don’t go, so I’m deciding to stay back. I will be missing the sun, ocean and company (and the all inclusive food), but the safety of my little one is definitely worth it!

Movement: I just felt it today! Sitting on the couch I felt a little movement so I put my hand on my tummy and sure enough it happened again – such an amazing feeling! I remember from my previous pregnancies that I have an anterior placenta so the baby has to kick through that before I can feel any movement and it wasn’t until around this point in the pregnancy that I remember feeling any kicks with the girls. I can’t wait until the girls can feel it though. They keep asking how big is baby and can’t believe that there is a “mango” in my tummy right now :)

Cravings: Toasted bagels with melted creamy peanut butter – Mmmm. Also, any and all fruit. And banana chips. And weirdly, celery. Not sure why, I’ve never really cared for celery, but I can’t get enough of it right now… especially dipped in creamy peanut butter!

Looking forward to: The ULTRASOUND!! I pray for a healthy little peanut, but I am so excited to find out the gender this time around. The girls ask me every day if they can have a brother and I know deep down Eric would love a son. As for me… I just don’t know what I would do with a little boy. We wouldn’t have to buy as much stuff… (we got rid of pretty much everything because we were done having babies so we still have to purchase/borrow a ton either way) but, it would be pretty fun to have a little man that the girls can watch over and protect. We’ll see soon – 2 weeks can’t come soon enough!

In the meantime, just going to enjoy this pregnancy and hope that it slows down some. But not too much, I already can’t wait to wrap my arms around my new little babe and snuggle it to pieces!!


I’d love to hear what you think we’re having!