back to school

And they’re back! The girls are so excited to be back in school! We’ve had an awesome summer, but I know they’re ready to get back into a routine and to see their real friends, not just momma. The day started off wet & rainy and in need of raincoats and umbrellas (all of which E forgot at school of course), but after hearing about her day, it sounded like it was nothing but sunshine and rainbows. She’s such an extrovert that I know she will come home with a million new friends this year.collage-2img_6071elliot-loves2collage-4img_6098img_6099img_6100And how did this little chick get so big?? It seems like she turned into a little lady over the summer! I mean, look at her sweet face. Cora’s more of an introvert (like her momma) so making new friends is a little more difficult for her. I knew she was a tad nervous about going, but as soon as I dropped her off at school one of her buddies gave her a huge hug, which made her feel reassured and excited to start the day.cora-lovescollage-3img_6128img_6121img_6129img_6133We’re looking forward to a GREAT year ahead! Go get ’em girls!!