preschool graduation 2016

Welp, that went by fast! This little chickie is already done with her first year of preschool. She’s learned so much over the year :: how to write her name, how to hold scissors and cut, how to draw straight lines, how to line up, how to keep hands to herself, how to LISTEN, how to SHARE and to put others before herself. She had two really great teachers who helped guide her through the year and she finished the year a really smart, independent little cookie. Still a little shy, but that’s just her. She met some great friends (and one boyfriend) and she’s already asking if she has preschool tomorrow. No hunny-bun, not for a few months. At least we know she’ll be excited to go back! Here’s some pics of the morning.

IMG_5961IMG_5964IMG_5971IMG_5974IMG_5982IMG_5990IMG_5991So this little guy is Logan. Apparently Logan talks about Cora all the time, even named his new cat Cora (how fitting, Cora the Cat). After I had told Cora this she immediately started calling Logan her boyfriend. The two of them were so sweet together, making sure to say their goodbyes at the end of the day. Cora even points out her “boyfriend” on her class photo to everyone who comes into her room. Ah, her first crush, just like Miss E and Bryce!IMG_5995IMG_5998These three have become good buddies over the year and are planning some summer playdates. So sweet!IMG_6009IMG_6018This year went incredibly fast! Didn’t they just start school?? There would have been some major tears today, but I know she will be back in preschool next year. Cue the tears a year from now though!


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