5:00 AM – Mavis is up at the crack of dawn. She thinks this is the time everyone should get up and she’ll let you know by gnawing on your feet and flipping jingling toys around, all while sounding like a herd of elephants stampeding down the hallway when she’s not even 3 pounds yet. An hour of dozing in & out before Mavis settles down and realizes that the humans (or other critters) are not getting up anytime soon to play.

8:00 – Cora is up. She’s been up for awhile and playing quietly in the playroom with Mavis trapped inside, shoved into a stroller and being forced to play Barbies with her.

Cora wants breakfast. “C’mon Mom, I’m staaaaaarving!!”

8:15 – We’re downstairs.

What do you want for breakfast? “I want pancakes. Baby ones. But not frozen. I want you to make them. No, wait. I want to make them. Here, pull up a chair because that’s how Mammy does it and I want to make them all by myself!” Ugh, okay… Pancake mix powder all over the counter and splatters of cinnamon across Cora’s face and we have breakfast. “Mom, you havta cut them into little penguins. With blueberries. Yes, the blueberries could be like the snowflakes in da Norf Pole.” Alrighty, blueberries it is. “And Mom, let’s watch Star Wars. Number 4 with da At-Ats.” Seriously? You’ve seen that movie Every. Single. Day. since Christmas. “But I wanna watch it!” Whatever. I’ve learned to tune it out by now.

After breakfast she jumps from one activity to the next, making crafts, playing legos, chasing Mavis. Aaaand, Mavis just clawed her so screaming ensues… Star Wars band-aids comin’ up. Trying to keep Cora’s screams hushed so that Elliot can continue sleeping. No school today so Elliot catching up on sleep is the goal.

9:50 – Dishwasher halfway unloaded when Elliot makes her morning debut… decked out in her fancy purple sparkle Christmas dress, matching leggings, bright orange hoodie and her hair looking like a bird just decided to nest in it. Well, good morning Sunshine, don’t you look lovely! “Ugh, STAR WARS AGAIN?!” Yep. Deal with it.

10:30 – Dishwasher still not fully unloaded, half eaten pancake on the counter, the vacuum is out as my intention will be to use it at some point today for the company we have coming over later. BUT, girls are fed, happy and we’re all playing legos with the tune of Star Wars on in the background and I wouldn’t change a second of it!

be little

and a kitty makes … a zoo!!

Mavis Darth Vader joined our family a few weeks ago and we love her (even Eric!!) She was brought in knowing she would need socialization and acclimation to our other critters, but she has fit right in – letting Cora, the Crazy Cat Girl carry her around like a doll and snuggle her to pieces. Aside from eating more dog food than her own, she is the perfect little addition to our family!