the things they say – 3rd edition.


It’s been awhile since the last edition and these two chicks are so hilarious and constantly keep me laughing! Here’s what’s been said by the goofs in the last 9 months:


Elliot: “I was sick the other day. I had calories.”

Cora: “Yeah, I was sick too with calgeries.”


Elliot: “CONTORSIA!!”

Mom: What does that mean?

Elliot: “Well, it’s French for front door.


Jan: Cora, do you want to lay down and snuggle with Mammy?

Cora: “I will in just a minute, a few seconds, and a while.”


Mom: Elliot, stop climbing the fireplace!

Elliot: “Ugh, I just need some space!”


Cora: “Mmmmm, I smell MENARDS!”


Mrs. Amy [preschool teacher] told Mammy that Elliot told her that she didn’t want to come to school today because it was her birthday and she wanted the day to be all about her!


Cora: “Is this yellow cheese?”

Mom: No, its mozzy cheese.

Cora: “Mmmm, I love Nazi cheese. Yum, Nazi cheese.”


Cora: “Elliot, eat your food.”

Dad: You should follow your own advice, Cora.

Cora: “I don’t have ice.”


Elliot: BURP!!!

Mom: Elliot, what do you say after you burp?

Elliot: “NICK JONAS!!”


Elliot: “Next time we’re at the store can we buy steak juice?”


Cora: “Why did you shut the garage door on the dog?”

Dad: Because she’s not coming in and I want the door shut.

Cora: “Imma open dis door and see if it killed her.”


Dad: You guys did a great job cleaning the play room!

Elliot: [with her hands behind her back] “It’s most expecting.”


Mom: Why is the toilet clogged, Cora?

Cora: “I put toilet paper in it.”

Mom: How much??

Cora: “Only 3 pounds!!”


Cora: “Elliot, just stop talking. You’re making me annoying.”


Elliot & Cora got to pull a wishbone and make a wish. After Cora won, I asked what her wish was: “I wished for a cat that sat on a mat that had a squeaky squeaky toy that made a creepy sound like eeeek eeeek.”


Cora: “I told Santa I wanted a lego kitty spaceship.”

Mom: Where did you see that?

Cora: “Oh, I saw it on Facebook.”


Elliot: My New Year’s resolution is to RULE THE WORLD!! Mom, what’s yours?”


Until next time…


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