cora’s 4? you’ve gotta be kitten me right meow.

Another year, another birthday, another theme. This year’s theme of choice…CATS! Cora’s obsession lately (okay, mine too a little bit) is all things cats. And lucky for us, they’re everywhere so taking advantage of that the invite, decorations, wrapping & all gifts followed the theme!

Our Cora Cat, you are becoming quite the little girl. If I had to pick one word to sum up your personality at this stage in your life, it would be “fun.” Your dad and I are constantly swapping smiles over the clever things you say and the silly things you do. You have the biggest imagination and laugh hysterically at your own stories. You love to play copy-cat and repeat everything that comes out of Elliot’s mouth, while switching it up just enough to make it your own story. You are passionate, independent, sweet & caring, yet stubborn and very strong-willed! Things need to be precise and go just your way, otherwise forget it – the world may end right there! You are also very sweet and enjoy giving people gifts and personal crafts & drawings that you’ve done. The fridge and gallery wall is constantly full of your beautiful 4 year old artwork, which I love. May you always enjoy storytelling. May you always stay strong. And may you never lose your creativity, sweet girl. Happy 4th birthday Cora.