two chickies go to school.

Elliot :: Kindergarten

Cora :: Preschool

How is this possible? One day I’m going through all of the baby clothes and reminiscing on how tiny they both were at one time, and then the next day Elliot is running off to the bus stop, about to venture off to a foreign land where I PRAY she remembers what she needs to do and doesn’t see anything shiny along the way. Elliot was excited right from the start and had no hesitation at any point, she was just excited to meet all her new “best friends”, go to recess, and get the day rolling. The child has no fear.

Getting off the bus after a looong day – 8+ hours to be exact and piggies are still intact!

Cora on the other hand told me she was a little nervous, but also excited and that she still wants to go, but only if I go to school with her. Cue the tears right there. But as soon as she entered the classroom, I was the last thing on her mind and she did just fine!

Pretty soon these two little chickies will be off to collage and I’ll look back and remember the day they went to kindergarten and preschool. Until then, here’s to a good school year and continuing to enjoy all the moments in between.