2015 goals.

Well, here we are, another year has gone by and everyone is anxious and excited for the adventures ahead in 2015. The last year was a big one for our family. We moved into our family home that we waited and searched long and hard for, we got settled in, we explored and we’ve started making new memories in our new home. I thought I’d try and come up with some goals for myself and our family to accomplish this year.


2015 Goals

Finish [or start] decorating our home:

We have a lot more walls than we did at our old house, and as of now, most of them are blank. I’ve been scared to buy anything until I figure out my “style”, but I’m not totally sure what that is so I guess if I just buy what I like, it will turn into my own style, right? I keep waiting to find the perfect piece of art, which may or not be out there and in the meantime our house remains pretty bare & empty. I’ve been looking up gallery walls and it seems to be the best option where I can incorporate some favorite family photos, along with personal pieces to make a collage on the wall. I am pretty excited on the direction that I am going to go on our main living room wall. Inspiration found here. We also have a few rooms to paint yet so I’m just going to pick a weekend and put each room on the calendar and stick to it… otherwise it will never get done! So, two bathrooms, the living room and a playroom up-date will be coming soon-[ish]!

Family dinners every night:

I grew up with family dinners. It’s a nice time to shut everything off and just talk to each other about our day. Plus, the conversations with a 3 and 4 year old are pretty entertaining alone!

Make more effort to enjoy the little things:

Too many times I pass up the opportunity to play Legos or dolls for the choice to fold laundry or clean up the kitchen. At the time I just think it needs to be done. And it does, but right away? Especially when the girls are asking me to sit with them and play or color? That’s where I have to get in the mind set that the mundane things can wait and that the girls will only be this age for a little while and to take advantage of it while [bonus] acting like a little kid myself!

Less social media – especially during family time:

I find myself on all social media platforms a lot during the day and just as much at night as I’m winding down. But at the end of the day I haven’t really gained too much from it or benefited by spending all the time on social media. Maybe I pinned a few fun projects [that I will probably never do] or found a couple yummy recipes that I really don’t have time to even make during the week. I want to cut out a lot of what I look at on a daily basis and again, spend time with my children, enjoying the little things that won’t be there next time I turn my phone on.

Explore Elk River more as a family:

This summer was a fun one because everything was new to us! We discovered a beach, a dog park, several playgrounds, a splash pad, a fun little downtown with an amazing pizza place, antique shops and a water fountain that the girls loved to run through. This summer I’d like to continue our discoveries as a family to see what else we can find together.

Plant a bigger veggie + herb garden:

Last summer we barely had enough time to plant a garden since we moved in the beginning of June, but we managed to grow some tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos. This year I’d love to double the size of the garden by planting more veggies as well as an herb garden filled with a ton of fresh herbs to use in meals!


I haven’t ever planned out yearly goals, mainly because I’m afraid that over a couple months they’ll fizzle out and not be accomplished, but this year I really think I can obtain these goals because they are based on our family spending time together. Whether its outside walking the trails, or sitting down and coloring, these goals should be will be attainable…and FUN!

Happy New Year!