fall fun at the corn maze.

A couple weeks ago we went on our annual corn maze family trip. This year we tried a new place in our local area that featured a corn maze, a corn pit, pumpkins,and face painting (where they each chose the same thing, of course). From two kitties in a corn pit, to chasing after them through the corn maze, it’s always a fun time letting the girls explore and just go nuts.

e&c_corn maze_14

Looking back at this photo makes it seem so long ago, especially since winter is officially here with over a foot of snow arriving today, yuck! It definitely feels a lot more like winter than fall…so, onto the next holiday that the girls can’t wait to get here…CHRISTMAS!!

halloween 2014.

Continuing with the Frozen theme around the Daniels’ house, the girls decided they both wanted to be Olaf the snowman for Halloween. Both girls in the same costume means no fighting, right? Two Olaf’s it is! We celebrated Halloween during the afternoon by going trick-or-treating in downtown Elk River. It was chilly and we frequently had to stop and warm up a bit in one of the shops, but they had fun going into all the stores and picking out treats.

Later we got dressed up again and went out around the new neighborhood. Since moving into our new house in June, we had no idea what to expect when it came to trick-or-treaters. We had over 100 kids! The neighborhood seemed to come alive with kids everywhere in costumes; coming in vans and trailers hauling 10+ kids playing Halloween music, decorated with hay bundles and lights. It was so fun to see the girls reaction to all the commotion of the night and they were so excited that all the candy they got in their buckets was theirs and that they actually get to keep it and EAT IT! (I now have a form of bribery when it comes to eating their healthy food first, ha!)