the daniels’ are moving!

Well, the Daniels’ have officially grown out of our first home and have been on the search for a new home the past few weeks. We listed our home on a Tuesday night, and had a requested showing for the following morning. We were surprised that someone wanted to see it so quickly. But since that one request, we had 6 more showings, all the following day! By that night we knew we had multiple offers and by Thursday it was sold! I am still amazed at how quickly the process went – I never knew our little home was in such high demand!

This past weekend Eric and I really felt the pressure of finding our “perfect home” or as close to it as possible, since we have about a month and a half before closing on our current home. We looked at several properties, but kept going back to one that we saw a couple weeks ago. It had almost everything on our wish-list. We looked at it a second time and brought the girls with. Elliot of course picked out the turquoise room with zebra print border and Cora picked the room across the hall. There is a park down the street and a very friendly neighborhood feeling. Seeing it again assured me that it was the right decision so after approval from the girls, we decided to make an offer … and as of today we are approved!!

Our new home:


Now we wait … and pack! We’re all excited to start our new journey together as a family and make new memories in this home for many years!