guess who’s two?!

My baby is two years old. TWO YEARS! Seriously, I don’t understand where the time went and how that happened. Part of me is excited and really happy that you’re growing up because everyday you develop more and more into a little girl with a huge personality, but part of me is also a little sad. If you are meant to be our last child, it saddens me to think that every day you get older is another day further and further away from the little 5 pound bundle of newborn that we brought home two years ago. I have always loved you girls deeply, but every morning I wake up and I think I love you and your sister a bit more than I did the day before. Thinking about it, I have only loved you for two years and Elliot for three. I cannot wait to find out what it feels like to love you five years, or ten years, or thirty years. I know that the time will be just that in a blink of an eye and I can already say you are more of a toddler than a baby. But, you will forever be my littlest.


Some of your favorite things right now:

– You run wild through the house butt naked every chance you get and say “Nah nana boo!”

– It’s safe to say you are obsessed with watching and singing Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. We have seen every YouTube video of that song at least a hundred times (not kidding!)

– You adore all animals, but mostly anything small (hamsters, bunnies, kittens) to which you will squeal “Aw, cuuuute!”

– You hate rinsing your hair, but love lounging in the tub full of bubbles playing with all your toys.

– You love Katy Perry’s ROAR song and video and will demand it to be on repeat.

– You yell for me in the morning to come get you out of bed. “Mommy, I’m UP!”

– You love all kinds of puzzles and fastening your seatbelt buckle on your own.

– You have a routine and stick to it pretty much to the minute.

– You LOVE jumping on the bed!

– Anytime there is a spill of any kind, you say “MESS – Clean it up!”

– Elliot is the light of your life. Wherever she is, you are. When she’s sick, you feel awful and say “Elliot, no sick.” The two of you definitely have your arguments over things like sharing, which color bowl your snacks will go in, who will get the cup with the swirly straw, etc. but you play together and are happy with each other more than anything and that is a joy to watch.

– You have gone through a verbal explosion and along with forming almost complete sentences, we can have a conversation together that actually has meaning.

We spent your birthday together, visiting with family, opening gifts, eating cake (pictures soon). And when it was over, you snuggled up in bed for your nap and you sailed away to your dreams. Oh to be a two year old with the entire world at your fingertips… We love you sweet Cora Cat, more than all the stars. Happy Birthday.


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