the things she says.

“Mom, what is that?”

It’s a bird-thing.

“No, it’s a Pterodactyl.”


“Oh no, the carnitor is chasing the baby dinosaur!”


Did you put your play-doh away, Elliot?


Did you put it away in the right containers?

“Yes, but don’t go check, okay?”


“Can we have a forest fire?”


“Hey, I have an idea! Maybe we can cut Cora’s pants!”


“Can I have some bacon? Oh, bacon! Yes, sir!” (after seeing a Wendy’s commercial)


“What’s this?”

It’s a bookmark to tell me where I am.

“But you’re here, in the kitchen with me.”


“Mom, what’s a ghost?”

It’s like an invisible spirit.

“No, it’s a flying car!!”


“Let’s get If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book and let’s get If You Give a Butterfly a Shoe book too.”


“I want to sting the water-tower like a bee with the blue sucker I got from the beer store.”


You’re my favorite Ellie-Bear.

“You’re my favorite Mommy.”


“I have to hide this from Nala so she doesn’t dink around with it.”


“I’m a dog!!” (as she’s drinking out of the water dish)


“Cowa, get out of there! And put your listening ears on!”


“Are we going to the dentist now?”

No, tomorrow.

(sad face) “I’m going back to bed.”


Look how clean and sparkly the car is (after a carwash)

“I don’t see any sparkles.”


“Look at my owie. And it doesn’t anymore hurt a little bit!”


“Mom, come in the pool with me.”

No, it’s too cold for me!

“Come in and we can swim together, like the cool people!”


Elliot get out of there!

“But we shook on it…”


(singing) “My daddy is Eric. My daddy’s name is Eric!”


This little monkey definitely keeps me entertained and Cora is so close to talking full sentences too. I’m going to need to have a pen & paper handy at all times to capture their conversations with both of them chattering away!


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