quotes from a three year old.


“I want to eat with the cat food spoon!”

“Yum, I like to drink Nala’s water.”

Elliot: Cora, don’t touch the TV! Cora: Why? Elliot: Cuz that will make Dad mad and not happy. Cora: Why?

“Sure is a nice day. Sure is!”

“Hey, I have an idea! Maybe we can ride a rocketship to outerspace. And I could drive!”

“I wish I had sharp claws so I can run fast like Nala.”

“MOOOOM, there’s up-chuck on the floooooor!”

“Dad, don’t squirt that tree, it’s really old. It’s like sixty bucks!”

“I wish I was a blue dragon so I could blow fire at other dragons in the sky.”

“If I was a dragon, I would eat ketchup and beer… I don’t want to be a dragon.”

“I’m a funny, lucky gummy bear.”


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