somebody is three!!

Where in the world has three years gone? It seems like yesterday that I was ready to pop and anxiously waiting for my little peanut to arrive. It’s all so amazing, so unbelievably amazing, that I cannot even begin to capture the magic of this age with you in words. You are a complete sweetie-pie little girl one minute giving hugs and kisses to Cora, and a spit-fire of a child the next, falling to the floor in a tantrum over not being able to hold a green balloon. (Everything and anything green is your favorite right now!)

You are such a little helper trying to help me with everything; making dinner, changing Cora, feeding the critters.

The funniest things come out of your mouth and sometimes it has no real context what-so-ever; Dad: “Elliot, get off that box, you’re going to break it.” Elliot: “Just give me a fighting chance Dad!”

You have entered the never-ending question-asking, the desire to understand why why why and how how how?  Your dad and I try our best to give you reasoning so you will understand, in which your vocabulary is developing (“What would you like to drink, Mom? An Americano?”) The girl knows my Starbucks drink!!

You continue to grow at such an unbelievable pace and you’re on track to becoming an amazing, intelligent, creative young girl – I can’t wait to watch the journey continue. Your dad, sister and I love you very much!! Happy Birthday Ellie-Bear!

Here’s some photos of the puppy birthday party. The last photo is of “Lala”, her new ginormous stuffed puppy that makes it’s way up and downstairs about four times a day so she can be with it constantly.



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