hold please.

Life has been pretty busy lately with the hectic every-day routine of our lives so even thinking about updating this little blog has been tough. I found these images that pretty much sums it all up :)Image


It really is all about living in every moment and taking the good with the bad. Trying to enjoy the cute way that Cora now opens the dog food drawer and can conveniently help herself to all the dog food she wants. She thinks that the dog needs a mountain of food in her bowl so she’ll continue to feed her, but can’t quite make the transition into the dog’s bowl, therefore spilling a million little pellets of food all over the kitchen floor. Or the way that Elliot is working on potty training and she’s got the “I havta go potty NOW” down (yay!), but in reality it’s not entirely true, so she sits under the table and does her business in her Rapunzel panties. And the “business” is not fun to clean up.

See, I can do it – the good and the bad, right? I hope to get some more photos up here of the girls soon, stay tuned.