a little of what’s been going on

SAMSUNG E making a tower out of cat food cans.IMG_2806Helping Dad with her new big-girl shovel.



SAMSUNGSuch a little helper!

SAMSUNGStacking again, this time making a water-tower with the help of some sponges and bottle caps.


Cora loves to climb onto the counter and play spices. She’ll sniff them and rearrange them all over the counter. Also such a big helper!


The Paci Fairy came to our house last week and took Elliot’s paci’s to give them to little babies that need them. In return she left a little present for the big-girl: a new Dora book and bath bubbles!



Just a snippet of what’s been going on in the Daniels’ house.


sweetheart dance 2013

Last weekend we took the girls to a local elementary school that had a Sweetheart Dance for little kids. It included a live DJ, an open gym, arts & crafts and treats. The girls had a blast dancing and playing and I have never seen Cora run as fast (and free) as she did! In one gym to dance, in the other gym to throw balls, back to the music, back to the balls…



IMG_2735Elliot loves tattoos!

IMG_2729They were so busy Elliot didn’t have time (or the attention) to even eat her cookie!

vday_Elliot facesNot quite sure what Elliot is doing, but the girl has many faces!



IMG_2771I almost cropped this one until I saw Elliot in the corner running at full speed :)