I have proof!

I never thought this day would come with how bald Cora has been since she was born. I remember with how fast the delivery was I really didn’t get a chance to take in all of her features until a little bit later, and I remember thinking that along with being very long and tiny, she really is quite bald!




Fast forward 15 months later and here it is… proof that my little chunky monkey… okay, not so chunky, my lean (sweet) stringbean is finally getting some hair. She actually has a little curl on the back of her head! It is even thick enough to hold a hair clip. It looks a little strange with just a clip hanging onto her hair, but hey, I’m embracing what I have to work with!

cora curl

At this age (actually at birth!) Elliot had a full head of hair for me to play with. I think I got spoiled :-)


It’s so fun to see how different the girls are from each other and how their personalities are continuing to grow and develop. I think it will still be awhile before Cora can really start accessorizing with cute little bows and clips in her hair. The time will come… until then I will enjoy not having to hold her down while I try and de-tangle her hair after bath-time like I have to do with a certain little somebody – I won’t mention any names…


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