right now – week ???

right-now-challengeI know, I know… I’m way behind on the Right Now Challenge. I’ll blame it on the holidays :-) Since my last post, the girls have had their moments and I’ve tried to write them down as they happen. Here’s what’s been going on:

– Cora’s hair is coming in, yay! At 15 months she finally has a little curl at the back of her head, which can even hold a hair clippy!

– Elliot is now loving daycare! It took her a few weeks, actually about four weeks of screaming and hanging on me and yelling “Don’t leave!” as I walk out the door, but she finally realized that she has a ton of fun and that we actually came back to pick her up.

– Cora now clearly says NALA, UP, YEAH and PSST, along with MAMA and DADA. She still says a lot and gives us her two cents, we just don’t know what she’s saying.

– Elliot learned a song about bumblebees and now sings at all the time, “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee…. OUCH, it stung me!”

– Cora now says CHEESE and gives a cheesy, awkwardly cute smile on command, except when I have a camera handy, go figure.

– We’ve got a little Miss Attitude in our house. “Okay, fine. I don’t care!” Bet you can’t guess which one it is?!

– Elliot is now speaking full sentences and you can have a full conversation with her. It’s so fun to see her vocabulary expand and grow everyday. She’s got one word that she says “ORDINATED” that we’re not sure what she means but everything we try and correct her she gets more frustrated and keeps saying the same word over and over. And when I laugh she says “It’s NOT funny!” We’re still working on figuring out what she means…

– Cora is such a little explorer, into everything and is so fast!!

Both girls continue to grow closer together and are having conversations with each other. It’s so sweet to look over and see Elliot hugging or pulling her sister along or see Cora nodding her head to whatever gibberish her sister is saying to her. It won’t be long before they’re sharing and stealing each others clothes. (Enjoy these moments now…)


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