christmas 2012

Well, Christmas has once again come and gone in a flash. We spend weeks and weeks prepping for it by decorating the house, baking, wrapping and all of a sudden it’s gone. It seems like as soon as you hype it up and and have done everything and have a second to relax and breath… it’s here and over. This year was no different. It seems like it went even faster with two monkeys running around. The holiday was really fun with the girls, stressful at times, but overall really exciting and rewarding.

Elliot loved being Santa’s helper and delivering all the presents to everyone and she pretty much understood the meaning of Christmas. She even had chocolate cake Christmas night and fell asleep singing “Happy Birthday” to Baby Jesus.

Cora didn’t quite understand what was going on, but loved unwrapping and playing with all of her new toys – a toy vacuum being one of her favorites that makes an appearance every time Mommy’s vacuum comes out. It’s pretty cute actually!

Though the holidays are full of hustle & bustle, it is a special chance to get together with all of our family members. My parents had 18 people at their home this year,  which is a lot of people in one space. It was definitely chaotic; a lot of food, drinks, cookies, chocolate-tinis, noise… but it was a chance to just be together. We are so blessed that our family is all healthy and happy. Here are a few pictures of the girls both at my parents house on Christmas Eve and our house Christmas morning.






IMG_2664Playing some tunes with her cousin Karysa.

IMG_2674Christmas morning Elliot couldn’t wait to get downstairs and see what Santa left under the tree.



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