dwivin’ da twuck.


“I wanna dwive the twuck!’

It isn’t the easiest thing bringing a toddler to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon, but it gets her out of the house and she loves pointing at things and telling me what everything is and saying “I neeed these apwicots. I havta have em!” What I don’t love is the monster cart that she spotted and from that point on demands we use, otherwise there’s a screamfest that begins as soon as we enter the store.

Before I had kids I would always giggle at the parents who would struggle to maneuver those 6-foot long carts around the tiny isles with their kids inside pretending to drive the car, and I thought I would never do it, but when it keeps my kid happy and excited to sit in one place for longer than 10 minutes while I get groceries, I guess I’m all for it (I just make sure the hand sanitizer makes an appearance at the end of the trip!)


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