family photo.

Trying to get the perfect family pic is hard. And with two little ones who would rather do anything else, like chomp on an apple, than look and pose for the camera, it is nearly impossible. Over Thanksgiving we tried to get a family photo to use on our Christmas card and I think out of 20 or so, we got one. The final one isn’t shown, but here is our attempt.


Without a professional photographer, we did what we could (thanks Kari!) Here are some others that we got at the same time.

IMG_2576 IMG_2582 IMG_2584 Posing with Gramma Terry. IMG_2592

Now with Auntie. At least one of them is looking.

dwivin’ da twuck.


“I wanna dwive the twuck!’

It isn’t the easiest thing bringing a toddler to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon, but it gets her out of the house and she loves pointing at things and telling me what everything is and saying “I neeed these apwicots. I havta have em!” What I don’t love is the monster cart that she spotted and from that point on demands we use, otherwise there’s a screamfest that begins as soon as we enter the store.

Before I had kids I would always giggle at the parents who would struggle to maneuver those 6-foot long carts around the tiny isles with their kids inside pretending to drive the car, and I thought I would never do it, but when it keeps my kid happy and excited to sit in one place for longer than 10 minutes while I get groceries, I guess I’m all for it (I just make sure the hand sanitizer makes an appearance at the end of the trip!)


I am fortunate enough to have an awesome job that is flexible with me and my needs for my family. I am also fortunate to have an awesome hubby who understands my desire to spend time with my girls. I am now able to stay home on Mondays to be with my girls and spend that precious Mommy-daughter time that we all know goes too fast. My first Monday with the girls consisted of crafts (that lasted a few minutes before Elliot decided that she would rather rip apart the Santa head we just made than hang it on the wall), we went on an adventure to visit Daddy at his clinic, we laughed, danced, chased each other and listened to Christmas music. By the afternoon I was exhausted so I was really looking forward to a little quiet time by myself so I could relax and clean up the house before hurricane #2 began. Instead of spending my quiet time to relaxing, Miss Cora decided to “sing” at the top of her lungs in her crib, doing anything she could to keep herself awake. She didn’t want to nap, not even a single minute so while I let her sit in her crib and sing for a bit, I knew it was just one of those days where she had too many other things to do than nap. So, this is what we did.SAMSUNG




Sorry for the quality of the photos. My phone isn’t the best when it comes to pictures and that is what I always have glued to me. Either way, hard to get frustrated at a sweet little face like that, huh?