so much to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving is here and besides getting extremely excited to eat more calories than I can count, I am thinking for all that we have, many of which I take for granted for. I am humbled at so many things I am thankful for this year:

– Family time, even  the few chaotic hours we have at the end of the evening when the girls are melting down and it’s been a long day, it is still time together.

– The success of Eric’s clinic and the new patients that he’s gotten over the last year.

– My mother-in-law and all the help she gives me on a daily basis [amazing woman!]

– Nala. I know, sometimes I feel like I could do without her neediness and ungodly amounts of hair, but she is a good dog and the girls love her!

– My awesome job and the freedom I have to be creative.

– My amazing husband for all his help and support and for the love he has for all of his girls.

– My Keurig.

– My vacuum.

– A clean house, even for just a short time.

– How excited the girls get to “jump on Mama bed!”

– Hearing my girls chase and laugh at each other.

– My crock-pot.

– Awesome candles, like this that last forever and make my house smell amazing!

– Butterfingers. I just found an unopened bag stashed away from Halloween [score!]

– My awesome father-in-law that runs with my ideas and helps me create fun Pinterest finds, like this.

– My sister and how I can just be silly with her, and it’s okay.

– My washer & dryer. Although old, they put up with my 6+ loads each weekend.

– Sweet Cora’s voice speaking complete gibberish. I know she will be speaking actual words soon, and it’s so fun to have a conversation with her, although I have no clue what she’s saying.

– Elliot and her hilarious 2-year old quotes. The last one involved something about the kitchen floor being the bottom of the ocean and needing to find her treasure chest…?

– Cora’s cute butt-chin [thanks Mom!]

– Elliot’s sweet smirk that she gets when she sees her Mom & Dad hug or kiss.

– Water-towers. Elliot is still obsessed with them and gets so excited when she sees one in the car. The more, the better.

– Our family & friends that love us just the way we are.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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