one last time.

It’s mid November and this past weekend was almost 60 degrees. It’s actually supposed to be near 70 on Thanksgiving day – crazy! At this point I know winter is just around the corner so taking advantage of any nice day we have means spending as much time outside as possible. This trip to the park actually came shortly after this happened, but in light of a crabby, hungry toddler, she insisted that she wasn’t too tired or hungry for a trip to the park. I really didn’t want to reward her for throwing a tantrum earlier, but I know, come a few weeks, we will be couped up inside, so being outside sounded like a great idea. So, after driving to a couple parks that ended up “not being da wight one” we ended up at one of her favorites. “Oh, I looove dis pawk!”

45 minutes later and a walk around the park paths, we decided it was time to go home. Tantrum or not, it’s hard to pass up beautiful days when you know they’ll soon be gone.


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