This year was a really fun Halloween for our family. I think since I’ve had kids Halloween has turned into one of my favorite holidays. Just a chance to dress up and be extra silly. Both girls were old enough to be outside and enjoyed dressing up in their costumes. I loved watching Elliot go up to the door by herself and say “Twick-or-tweat”! It took her a few houses to understand the concept that just by knocking on someones door they will give you candy… um, awesome! We went with another sweet little neighbor girl who is close in Elliot’s age and I watched with a huge smile as the two girls held hands and chatted about the Halloween music and lights. We had a few houses that we had to stop at, the Frankenstein house being one of them. Every time we would pass by a certain house with a 12 foot blow-up on the lawn Elliot would yell “Hi Fwankensteen!” So, that had to be one of the must-stop houses. My little Dorothy and salmon sushi were pretty darn cute and here’s some photos to show of it:


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