right now – week 3

I am falling a little bit behind here. We have been pretty busy and have been out of town for the past few days so my focus has been directed many little details of what will be happening around our house the next couple of weeks so taking time to stop and write down the little moments has been extra tough this week, but here’s what I got:

– We went to Canada to see my cousin Danusia get married. Despite getting hit hard with snow on the way up that made a normal 8 hour trip turn into 10, we had a good time and she was a stunning bride!

– We are touring a couple of daycare centers to get Elliot enrolled in a place where she can socialize with other children her age. She is so outgoing and independent that I think she just needs that socializing with other kids to learn the sharing process and the reality of not just having Mom or Mammy to listen to on a daily basis. I’m nervous, but I think it will be good for her.

– Last week was Halloween and she got to go trick-or-treating with her favorite neighborhood friend. They were so cute holding hands and chattering about the Halloween lights and music coming from a lit up home that we had to make that our first house for the night. Both girls did really well, but after about an hour, they were pretty tired and chilly so we called it a night. E’s second year of trick-or-treating was a success with more candy than she will ever eat!

– While trick-or-treating, people would ask Elliot what she was. “I’m Dorothy. Actually, I’m Elliot!” So cute!

– After being our of town for a few days and returning home, the girls faces lit up when they saw us and we got the biggest hugs from them, love that!

– E: “There’s a termite in my broccoli…”

E: Can I have candy?

Me: No, not right now.

E: Can I have candy, just a little bit?

– I put the bowl of Halloween candy on the shelf, out of reach, but still visible. Elliot stood on the chair to reach it. No success, so she grabbed her little stool, stood on it to reach the candy, still no success. “Mama, you just gonna have to get that candy down now!”


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