so much to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving is here and besides getting extremely excited to eat more calories than I can count, I am thinking for all that we have, many of which I take for granted for. I am humbled at so many things I am thankful for this year:

– Family time, evenĀ  the few chaotic hours we have at the end of the evening when the girls are melting down and it’s been a long day, it is still time together.

– The success of Eric’s clinic and the new patients that he’s gotten over the last year.

– My mother-in-law and all the help she gives me on a daily basis [amazing woman!]

– Nala. I know, sometimes I feel like I could do without her neediness and ungodly amounts of hair, but she is a good dog and the girls love her!

– My awesome job and the freedom I have to be creative.

– My amazing husband for all his help and support and for the love he has for all of his girls.

– My Keurig.

– My vacuum.

– A clean house, even for just a short time.

– How excited the girls get to “jump on Mama bed!”

– Hearing my girls chase and laugh at each other.

– My crock-pot.

– Awesome candles, like this that last forever and make my house smell amazing!

– Butterfingers. I just found an unopened bag stashed away from Halloween [score!]

– My awesome father-in-law that runs with my ideas and helps me create fun Pinterest finds, like this.

– My sister and how I can just be silly with her, and it’s okay.

– My washer & dryer. Although old, they put up with my 6+ loads each weekend.

– Sweet Cora’s voice speaking complete gibberish. I know she will be speaking actual words soon, and it’s so fun to have a conversation with her, although I have no clue what she’s saying.

– Elliot and her hilarious 2-year old quotes. The last one involved something about the kitchen floor being the bottom of the ocean and needing to find her treasure chest…?

– Cora’s cute butt-chin [thanks Mom!]

– Elliot’s sweet smirk that she gets when she sees her Mom & Dad hug or kiss.

– Water-towers. Elliot is still obsessed with them and gets so excited when she sees one in the car. The more, the better.

– Our family & friends that love us just the way we are.

Happy Thanksgiving!


one last time.

It’s mid November and this past weekend was almost 60 degrees. It’s actually supposed to be near 70 on Thanksgiving day – crazy! At this point I know winter is just around the corner so taking advantage of any nice day we have means spending as much time outside as possible. This trip to the park actually came shortly after this happened, but in light of a crabby, hungry toddler, she insisted that she wasn’t too tired or hungry for a trip to the park. I really didn’t want to reward her for throwing a tantrum earlier, but I know, come a few weeks, we will be couped up inside, so being outside sounded like a great idea. So, after driving to a couple parks that ended up “not being da wight one” we ended up at one of her favorites. “Oh, I looove dis pawk!”

45 minutes later and a walk around the park paths, we decided it was time to go home. Tantrum or not, it’s hard to pass up beautiful days when you know they’ll soon be gone.


This year was a really fun Halloween for our family. I think since I’ve had kids Halloween has turned into one of my favorite holidays. Just a chance to dress up and be extra silly. Both girls were old enough to be outside and enjoyed dressing up in their costumes. I loved watching Elliot go up to the door by herself and say “Twick-or-tweat”! It took her a few houses to understand the concept that just by knocking on someones door they will give you candy… um, awesome! We went with another sweet little neighbor girl who is close in Elliot’s age and I watched with a huge smile as the two girls held hands and chatted about the Halloween music and lights. We had a few houses that we had to stop at, the Frankenstein house being one of them. Every time we would pass by a certain house with a 12 foot blow-up on the lawn Elliot would yell “Hi Fwankensteen!” So, that had to be one of the must-stop houses. My little Dorothy and salmon sushi were pretty darn cute and here’s some photos to show of it:

right now – week 3

I am falling a little bit behind here. We have been pretty busy and have been out of town for the past few days so my focus has been directed many little details of what will be happening around our house the next couple of weeks so taking time to stop and write down the little moments has been extra tough this week, but here’s what I got:

– We went to Canada to see my cousin Danusia get married. Despite getting hit hard with snow on the way up that made a normal 8 hour trip turn into 10, we had a good time and she was a stunning bride!

– We are touring a couple of daycare centers to get Elliot enrolled in a place where she can socialize with other children her age. She is so outgoing and independent that I think she just needs that socializing with other kids to learn the sharing process and the reality of not just having Mom or Mammy to listen to on a daily basis. I’m nervous, but I think it will be good for her.

– Last week was Halloween and she got to go trick-or-treating with her favorite neighborhood friend. They were so cute holding hands and chattering about the Halloween lights and music coming from a lit up home that we had to make that our first house for the night. Both girls did really well, but after about an hour, they were pretty tired and chilly so we called it a night. E’s second year of trick-or-treating was a success with more candy than she will ever eat!

– While trick-or-treating, people would ask Elliot what she was. “I’m Dorothy. Actually, I’m Elliot!” So cute!

– After being our of town for a few days and returning home, the girls faces lit up when they saw us and we got the biggest hugs from them, love that!

– E: “There’s a termite in my broccoli…”

E: Can I have candy?

Me: No, not right now.

E: Can I have candy, just a little bit?

– I put the bowl of Halloween candy on the shelf, out of reach, but still visible. Elliot stood on the chair to reach it. No success, so she grabbed her little stool, stood on it to reach the candy, still no success. “Mama, you just gonna have to get that candy down now!”