right now – week 2

It’s Week 2 of the Right Now Challenge. I have to say it is much easier to jot down the little things that happen as they do before I forget them than trying to think back through the week all at once.

Here’s what happened around the Daniels’ home this week:

– Cora is learning how to use a fork and is so impressed with herself when she actually gets food into her mouth.

– Elliot is saying “Here’s the deal…” It’s super funny hearing that come out of her mouth. The first time she used it she was standing on the cat tree and I told her to get down. “Here’s the deal. It’s okay. I’m a cat for a little bit.”

– Cora has a little stuffed puppy that she has been carrying around everywhere.

– Elliot’s new favorite thing is getting a hot chocolate from Starbucks and acting “so big” as she drinks it. Trying to save it for special occasions, but somehow she usually ends up getting one every time Mommy gets a coffee.

Elliot: I don’t like bis.

Eric: What is it? (pie crust)

Elliot: Dog food.

– I got Cora to full out belly laugh for me. Usually only Daddy can do that, but she was in a giggly mood for me. The girls’ laughs has to be one of my favorite sounds!

– Anytime Elliot falls and gets hurt we have to kiss her where she got hurt and then she’s fine. Eric stubbed his toe on the table and was upset and Elliot rushed over to him – “Let me kiss your toe and you’ll be all better.” So cute!

– We took Nala to the spa, okay to the dog groomer and she came back shiny, and clean. Yes, it’s the little things.

– I got to meet two new babies this week – Baby Ayla and Baby Charlotte, both adorable little girls. (Gave me baby fever. Shhh, don’t tell Eric…). Hard to believe that my baby was brand new just a year ago. Another sign that time goes so fast!

That’s our week. It’s been a busy one, but I’m glad I took the time to write down what makes me smile.

Happy weekend!


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