the right now challenge – week 1

I’ve mentioned before that I am trying to live in the moment and capture all the little details that make up our every day life. Sometimes it’s hard and I just get consumed in the routine of what needs to be done now so that I can move onto the next thing that needs to be done. It’s all a list. If I scratch one task off, then another gets added. If I get miss one part of the process then the whole evening could be shot. I am working hard on relaxing and taking a step back to just… be there. To listen to what Elliot is saying and to laugh at what she says when it doesn’t make sense. To taking Cora’s little hand and following her around to whatever little nook of the house leads me to show off her treasures. To even stopping to say Hello to the dog before the girls, since she is the one that greets me, tail wagging uncontrollably every day when I get home. With having the girls so close, I feel like I  missed out on really paying attention and documenting a lot of Cora’s “firsts,” so recognizing that I need to slow down is a big challenge for me. I’m working on it. Slowly.

For now, I found a great way to remember the little moments in our every days by taking part in the Right Now Challenge on one of my favorite blogs, One Happy Mama. The author, Kristina encourages you to jot down the little moments in life that make you smile – so I am doing just that. There are so many things that make Eric and I laugh whenever we are with the girls, and it is up to me to take a moment and write these “Right Now” memories down before I forget. So, here are a few from the week:

– Cora is trying so hard to keep up with Elliot. She is walking/running so fast that she is literally walking at an angle, her head far ahead of her little body trying to keep up.

– Elliot plays hide-and-seek with Cora and Cora thinks it is hilarious to find her. She has the craziest laugh I’ve ever heard from a one year old. Almost demonic, but sweet at the same time. Only a mama can say that about her daughter, right?

– Elliot loves to say “this is terrible.” We were watching the debate the first time she said it, so I don’t blame her.

– Elliot started out sleeping with just her Go-Go (Cat in the Hat doll). Now her night-time critter stash has grown to a large Santa Bear, a baby bear (who wears a diaper), three blankets, a large elephant named Ronda, a lady bug pillow that smells of lavender, a folded up blanket she uses as another pillow, three pacifiers and a sippy cup. If ANY of those things are missing, she can’t sleep.

– When I need a 20 minute break to make dinner or do something that requires no children hanging on my leg or screaming, I put in a Baby Signing Time DVD – pure life saver! Both girls will sit silent watching it and I don’t feel guilty about shoving them in front of the TV since it’s educational. Elliot still signs for some things.

– Elliot knows all of her letters and colors. For 2 1/2 I think that’s pretty darn good.

– Cora is a chatter! Still have no clue what she is saying, but she makes sure everyone in the house can hear her!

That’s my first little list of happenings. My goal is to record the little things throughout the week so that it helps me remember the memories as the girls grow so fast. This wont stop them from growing, but it may help me slow down and enjoy the process a little more than normal.


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