Cora is one.

To say this last year has completely flown by would be an understatement. It has gone by so fast that it seems like just last week we were bringing home our little 5 pound baby and preparing all over again for the joys of being parents. Maybe it was because I was more busy this time around with having a baby and a toddler, but I feel like it just whizzed by! I do my best trying to savor and capture as many moments as I can on camera so that I can look back on memories at a later date, but just like everything else, the moment gets caught up in the everyday tasks and before I realize it, it’s gone. I’m working on balancing the fine line between constantly snapping photos and keeping the camera close by so I can still get the important things, and still enjoy the moment.

Cora’s birthday was an important moment. A very important one. Although she won’t remember it, it is a landmark that symbolizes how much she’s grown over the year. From the preemie that she was born as, to the full on walking (teetering) little monkey, she is jabbering and showing signs of her stubborn nature, just like her sister.

T celebrate, we had a birthday party for her and are so thankful for the friends and family who were able to come.

Cora and Papa. I love the look she’s giving him!

Cora, it has been a complete joy to watch you grow into the sweetest little person that you’ve become. Your dad and I are so extremely proud! You completely adore your big sister and I can tell you two are going to be best buddies (with a few arguments in between I’m sure. I’ve already witnessed a few scuffles between the two of you and it had to do with a little something called sharing). Here’s to many more birthdays and memories, and hugs and kisses. We love you, Cora Cat.


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