right now – week 2

It’s Week 2 of the Right Now Challenge. I have to say it is much easier to jot down the little things that happen as they do before I forget them than trying to think back through the week all at once.

Here’s what happened around the Daniels’ home this week:

– Cora is learning how to use a fork and is so impressed with herself when she actually gets food into her mouth.

– Elliot is saying “Here’s the deal…” It’s super funny hearing that come out of her mouth. The first time she used it she was standing on the cat tree and I told her to get down. “Here’s the deal. It’s okay. I’m a cat for a little bit.”

– Cora has a little stuffed puppy that she has been carrying around everywhere.

– Elliot’s new favorite thing is getting a hot chocolate from Starbucks and acting “so big” as she drinks it. Trying to save it for special occasions, but somehow she usually ends up getting one every time Mommy gets a coffee.

Elliot: I don’t like bis.

Eric: What is it? (pie crust)

Elliot: Dog food.

– I got Cora to full out belly laugh for me. Usually only Daddy can do that, but she was in a giggly mood for me. The girls’ laughs has to be one of my favorite sounds!

– Anytime Elliot falls and gets hurt we have to kiss her where she got hurt and then she’s fine. Eric stubbed his toe on the table and was upset and Elliot rushed over to him – “Let me kiss your toe and you’ll be all better.” So cute!

– We took Nala to the spa, okay to the dog groomer and she came back shiny, and clean. Yes, it’s the little things.

– I got to meet two new babies this week – Baby Ayla and Baby Charlotte, both adorable little girls. (Gave me baby fever. Shhh, don’t tell Eric…). Hard to believe that my baby was brand new just a year ago. Another sign that time goes so fast!

That’s our week. It’s been a busy one, but I’m glad I took the time to write down what makes me smile.

Happy weekend!


Before I signed her up, Elliot used to climb all over the furniture, pretending it was her stage and she was doing “gymjastics.” So I signed her up for Tiny Twisters. It took awhile for Elliot to get the hang of a structured class and actually listening to a teacher, not just Mommy or Mammy, but after a few weeks she seemed to have the routine down and was having a lot of fun. It was a real treat to bring her every week and watch her grow as a little gymnast. On the last day of class, the kids got to wear costumes and have a little parade to show off their cool costumes. Elliot went as Dorothy. The cutest Dorothy I’ve ever seen, if I must say!

Cora, starting young!

I know Elliot has a blast socializing with other kids. She is so outgoing I feel like we always need to have her in some kind of class or entertainment of some kind at least once a week so she can play with other kids her age. Now that gymnastics is over I’ll need to do some research to see what else she can do. If you have any ideas for winter activities for toddlers I’d love to hear them!

the right now challenge – week 1

I’ve mentioned before that I am trying to live in the moment and capture all the little details that make up our every day life. Sometimes it’s hard and I just get consumed in the routine of what needs to be done now so that I can move onto the next thing that needs to be done. It’s all a list. If I scratch one task off, then another gets added. If I get miss one part of the process then the whole evening could be shot. I am working hard on relaxing and taking a step back to just… be there. To listen to what Elliot is saying and to laugh at what she says when it doesn’t make sense. To taking Cora’s little hand and following her around to whatever little nook of the house leads me to show off her treasures. To even stopping to say Hello to the dog before the girls, since she is the one that greets me, tail wagging uncontrollably every day when I get home. With having the girls so close, I feel like I  missed out on really paying attention and documenting a lot of Cora’s “firsts,” so recognizing that I need to slow down is a big challenge for me. I’m working on it. Slowly.

For now, I found a great way to remember the little moments in our every days by taking part in the Right Now Challenge on one of my favorite blogs, One Happy Mama. The author, Kristina encourages you to jot down the little moments in life that make you smile – so I am doing just that. There are so many things that make Eric and I laugh whenever we are with the girls, and it is up to me to take a moment and write these “Right Now” memories down before I forget. So, here are a few from the week:

– Cora is trying so hard to keep up with Elliot. She is walking/running so fast that she is literally walking at an angle, her head far ahead of her little body trying to keep up.

– Elliot plays hide-and-seek with Cora and Cora thinks it is hilarious to find her. She has the craziest laugh I’ve ever heard from a one year old. Almost demonic, but sweet at the same time. Only a mama can say that about her daughter, right?

– Elliot loves to say “this is terrible.” We were watching the debate the first time she said it, so I don’t blame her.

– Elliot started out sleeping with just her Go-Go (Cat in the Hat doll). Now her night-time critter stash has grown to a large Santa Bear, a baby bear (who wears a diaper), three blankets, a large elephant named Ronda, a lady bug pillow that smells of lavender, a folded up blanket she uses as another pillow, three pacifiers and a sippy cup. If ANY of those things are missing, she can’t sleep.

– When I need a 20 minute break to make dinner or do something that requires no children hanging on my leg or screaming, I put in a Baby Signing Time DVD – pure life saver! Both girls will sit silent watching it and I don’t feel guilty about shoving them in front of the TV since it’s educational. Elliot still signs for some things.

– Elliot knows all of her letters and colors. For 2 1/2 I think that’s pretty darn good.

– Cora is a chatter! Still have no clue what she is saying, but she makes sure everyone in the house can hear her!

That’s my first little list of happenings. My goal is to record the little things throughout the week so that it helps me remember the memories as the girls grow so fast. This wont stop them from growing, but it may help me slow down and enjoy the process a little more than normal.

Cora is one.

To say this last year has completely flown by would be an understatement. It has gone by so fast that it seems like just last week we were bringing home our little 5 pound baby and preparing all over again for the joys of being parents. Maybe it was because I was more busy this time around with having a baby and a toddler, but I feel like it just whizzed by! I do my best trying to savor and capture as many moments as I can on camera so that I can look back on memories at a later date, but just like everything else, the moment gets caught up in the everyday tasks and before I realize it, it’s gone. I’m working on balancing the fine line between constantly snapping photos and keeping the camera close by so I can still get the important things, and still enjoy the moment.

Cora’s birthday was an important moment. A very important one. Although she won’t remember it, it is a landmark that symbolizes how much she’s grown over the year. From the preemie that she was born as, to the full on walking (teetering) little monkey, she is jabbering and showing signs of her stubborn nature, just like her sister.

T celebrate, we had a birthday party for her and are so thankful for the friends and family who were able to come.

Cora and Papa. I love the look she’s giving him!

Cora, it has been a complete joy to watch you grow into the sweetest little person that you’ve become. Your dad and I are so extremely proud! You completely adore your big sister and I can tell you two are going to be best buddies (with a few arguments in between I’m sure. I’ve already witnessed a few scuffles between the two of you and it had to do with a little something called sharing). Here’s to many more birthdays and memories, and hugs and kisses. We love you, Cora Cat.