Superhero mommy.

Elliot named me a superhero mommy. I think I like that name. After a long night of cramming everything I need to do on a weeknight into just a few hours I went upstairs and threw on my bathrobe. Yeah, I know, not the most attractive article of clothing I own, but comfy none the less. As soon as I came downstairs Elliot looked at me and said “Are you a superhero, Mommy?” I thought about it and said “Yup, I sure am!” No sooner after she heard that did she want a superhero cape of her own, so we grabbed a handy trash bag, a little clippy and she instantly turned into SUPERHERO ELLIOT!

As fun as it was, this lasted no longer than 10 minutes, but it kept the busy-bee entertained! A mere fraction of what goes on in a single evening around our house.


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