Quotes from a 2 year old.

“Help! Mama, come downstairs before something eats us.”

“I can’t go to bed – a snake come and get me.”

“A snake gonna get my nose and my mouth.”

“I need to nuggle little bit.”

“We gonna get lost and Dada will find us!”


Superhero mommy.

Elliot named me a superhero mommy. I think I like that name. After a long night of cramming everything I need to do on a weeknight into just a few hours I went upstairs and threw on my bathrobe. Yeah, I know, not the most attractive article of clothing I own, but comfy none the less. As soon as I came downstairs Elliot looked at me and said “Are you a superhero, Mommy?” I thought about it and said “Yup, I sure am!” No sooner after she heard that did she want a superhero cape of her own, so we grabbed a handy trash bag, a little clippy and she instantly turned into SUPERHERO ELLIOT!

As fun as it was, this lasted no longer than 10 minutes, but it kept the busy-bee entertained! A mere fraction of what goes on in a single evening around our house.


Elliot loves water-towers. Actually, that is an understatement. Elliot is obsessed with water-towers. She squeals every time she sees one in the car and has a name for each one she sees – “That’s a Momma watatowa, that’s a Dadda watatowa, that one is a Bebee watatowa…” It has actually become a game of trying to point them out before she sees it (most of the time I pretend I don’t see it so she will win, of course). I don’t know how the girl does it, but she can see them from miles away!

These were taken after she was such a good girl at the grocery store. What did she want to do for her reward? Go see a water-tower, of course!

On a whim.

As summer is winding down I am trying to make the most of these last few weeks of nice weather and playing outside before we all go into hibernation mode for the next 6 months. Last week it was 96 degrees and on a whim I decided to take Elliot to the beach. (Side note: I am trying very hard to be more spontaneous and to step out of my “schedule” if that means a little more fun and memories for my girls). I called my friend and she and her daughter met us at the beach. I think the girls had a blast!






Cora Marie

Cora Marie is my second daughter. She was born October 6, 2011. The pregnancy was a surprise to us since Elliot was only 7 months old when we found out, but she was an amazing surprise and I now love that the two of them are so close.

Cora’s Delivery

Due Date: October 17, 2011

Delivery Date: October 6, 2011

I started having mild cramping around 9:00 Wednesday night and just thought they were Braxton Hicks to I went to bed a little early. Throughout the night the pain started to get a little more frequent, but never intense or painful. I was up most of the night though because they were uncomfortable. After the mild cramping had turned regular and painful, I called into labor and delivery unit and they recommended I stay at home for a little while longer until the contractions were closer together, more like 5-7 minutes apart. While I was on the phone with the nurse, I had 2 contractions in the matter of 8 minutes, so I was definitely progressing rather quickly. I decided to wake Eric up and see what he thought I should do. He told me to go into the hospital and call him if I had to stay… what?! Luckily, he can blame it on being half awake when he told me that.

We decided to get ready and go in to the hospital so I quickly called Eric’s mom to come over and watch Elliot. We left the house about 6:00am and during the 15 minute car ride I had had 3 contractions and they were VERY painful! When we got there I had another contraction in the elevator and another one standing by the desk signing my name to be admitted. They rushed me to a room in the triage and as soon as I got in there I felt like a had to push! I made Eric go tell the nurse that I needed to push so a nurse was called in right away. I had to hold on for a couple minutes until the doctor got there. As soon as she did and I was hooked up to the monitor she told me to push. I waited until the next contraction and by the second push, Cora Marie was out – 6:43am. I had no time for an epidural so I definitely felt that pain of actually pushing, plus all the contractions, which I remember being more painful than the pushing part, but maybe that was because pushing only lasted about 5 minutes!

Cora came 2 weeks early and was a little peanut weighing in at 5lbs. 10 oz. 19 inches. She was the smallest baby I had ever seen but she checked out completely perfect, she was  just little.

This last year has flown by so fast watching you grow up. It is your 1st birthday in a couple weeks! I came up with a few things that you are doing at 11 months that I never want to forget…

– How happy you are when you wake up in the morning or from naps – I’m the best person in the world to you!

– How you DO NOT CRY! You really don’t. You jabber and growl, but you don’t cry (unless in pain or scared).

– You love bath time!

– You love cheese!

– You want to run NOW!! (You are so close to walking, you’ll take a few steps, realize you’re not holding onto anything and gracefully sit down. YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT!).

– Your super ticklish and I love to hear you laugh!

– You are SUCH an easy baby! Mommy & Daddy lucked out with both of you girls!

– You are making the cutest, little stinky face right now… totally makes me laugh!

– You do NOT like peas, in fact, you have projectile vomited all over when we have fed them to you, not a fun mess to clean up!

-You think the stairs are the funnest place to play, not fun for Mommy though. Gives me a mini heart attack when it is quiet and I look to the stairs and see a little Cora head peaking up over the banister. Cute, yes. But NOT safe!

– You get frustrated really easily when you can’t get something you want. When we close the doors to the basement, you grunt in complete frustration because you want that door open!!

– You love playing with Elliot on Mommy’s big bed. You girls could stay on there for hours just jumping and having Momma pull your legs when you get too close to the edge.

-You are a snuggle bug.

– Your favorite meal would consist of ham chunks, cheese, broccoli and raspberries.

I absolutely love watching my girls play and grow up together. There is nothing like the bond of sisters and I am so glad they have each other in their lives.

I am one proud momma.

So I’m a mom… now what?


When I found out we were expecting our first child I was beyond excited… yes, nervous too, but what soon-to-be parent isn’t? We had been trying for awhile so when it actually happened I was extremely thankful. I had an awesome pregnancy, no issues, I gained an average amount, and actually felt great the entire time. Dare I say I loved being pregnant!

Elliot May was born May 13, 2010 and was absolutely perfect! Labor was fine, about 8 hours which I would take after hearing some other crazy delivery stories! We had a normal hospital stay, she was completely healthy and we got to leave right on time. I was actually willing to leave earlier, but it is recommended that you stay the minimum of two nights in the hospital for observations for both the mom and the baby. Being that I had no idea of what was to come once I got home, I decided to enjoy the “mini-vacation” and stay the two nights while someone wait on me hand and foot as long as I could. As soon as the doctor gave me the dismissal and okay to go home, that’s where I began to panic. My husband and I looked at each other and I knew we had the same thoughts running through our heads… You’re actually going to let us take this little thing home with us and we’re supposed to figure it out? Isn’t there an instruction manual of what we’re supposed to be doing? A million questions ran through my head in a matter of seconds: When do I feed her? How often? What if she doesn’t latch on? If she’s crying and not wet, hungry or tired, what does she need? How do I swaddle her? How do I bathe her? How do I hold her? Ha, we were definitely on our own and left to figure it out. We were parents… now what?

Without going into major details, we did manage to bring our daughter home, from the slowest drive ever! I think Eric was nervous to go too fast or go over any sort of bump in case she might get hurt… ah, the adorable first-time-dad traits. We introduced her to the family pets, got settled in and started loving life as a family of three. I had the camera glued to my hip the first year and tried to document every little thing Elliot did. Being she was the only child, I had time for that! I had time to play with her and make dinner, and do the laundry and play with tolerate the dog and actually have time at the end of the evening to sit and talk to my husband about our days and just… relax! Yes, I actually knew what the word RELAX meant with just one child. I wish I knew then to count my blessings!

Move ahead a few years later… Elliot is now 2 1/2 and the most energetic and loud toddler I know! She is my entire world and gives me a real purpose in life.

Since this post is dedicated to my first born, (Cora, you will come next, I promise)… I came up with a few things that Elliot is doing right now that I hope to always remember…

– How sad you get when you say that as soon as you turn 2 you’re pacies will break and they have to go in the garbage. (You’re now 2 1/2 and still has her paci at nap and night.) See? I said I didn’t have the answers and that is a battle that I’m not willing to put up with every night just quite yet.

– How you pronounce “S” as “L” – Shoes = Loos. Socks= Locks.

– How saying the opposite of anything is the way to get you to do something. “Don’t give me a kiss, don’t do it…”

– You could watch Happy Feet twice a day if left up to you.

– Put Ranch dressing in front of you and you’ll eat anything!

– How you want to “Nuggle” before naps and bedtime (I love it!!)

– You really have no fear. You ran full speed down the driveway towards the street and even though I screamed STOP! the only thing that stopped you was falling flat on your knees. I’d rather you fall on your knees than in front of a car!

– You love to “jocky cars” meaning you get to ride in the front seat while we move cars around the driveway – a huge highlight for you!

– It is a STRUGGLE to get you back inside after playing outdoors! I prepare myself for a tantrum every time!

– Sunday afternoons are when you and Dad cut fresh coconut. “I wanna cwack a coconut” (as you point to your sisters head). Not sure where the correlation between a coconut and Cora’s head came from, but sweetie-pie, they’re not the same!!

– Your babies usually go along with us wherever we go, and sometimes their stroller, too.

– Saying “Ow, Ow, Ow” when we’re not even touching you. Does somebody crave attention or what?!

– You are STUBBORN! I wonder where you get that from!?

– Cute words you say: DA-BANA,  SEE  YOU IN DAMORROW!,  LITTLE BIT (Go outside only little bit, Have a cookie only a little bit!), OVER BEAR (over there), CO-WA (Cora)

– Not a huge fan of baths anymore, not sure what changed, but an ease-free way of getting you to take a bath now is by getting out the big metal galvanized tin and letting you “play” in the water outside. Little do you know that a little shampoo and soap has made its way into the tin.

– 26 months: You are starting to say your “S”. Snakes say “Sssssss”, you want your “paci’s”.

– You are also talking in full sentences (with little pauses in between words – I can see your little brain ticking away to think of what you want to say). Last night you told me that on Word World, Sheep was an astronaut and it flew to Pigs house… now you want to be an astronaut too!

– You have turned into a completely PICKY eater! There is nothing that I can make that I know you will eat, everyday is a hit or miss with you (unless the meal includes raspberries, strawberries or coconut).

– “Mom, Mommy, Mama, look I’m doing!”

Just because I’m a mom now, doesn’t mean I have all the answers. I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m literally taking it day by day. Add another baby, Cora Marie, born October 2011 … (more of her story to come) things get really chaotic!

I love my life and I love my girls and being a mom is the most rewarding, challenging job out there … and I wouldn’t change it for anything!