family pictures 2018

Family pics are here and I’m in loooove!! I say that every time, but these truly are one of my favorite sessions. The location, the lighting, all my babies…♥ You wouldn’t even know that it was about 35 degrees out AND SNOWING!! The girls had their jackets and mittens on in-between shots, and we may be a little red in the noses, but we managed to not look like complete statues. Other than a certain little someone’s mean-muggin face in every picture except one gem, no tears were shed so I’d chalk that up to a family photoshoot WIN!

The girls have really grown up since even the last session, and looking back at the very first family photo session I ever posted… oh my goodness, Elliot & Cora have gotten so big! And since then have become the very best big sisters to Aria!!

We really are so blessed to have these little ones around. They bring so much joy, happiness, noise and chaos to everyone’s lives, but we wouldn’t change it for a thing and I think these photos really capture that. Enjoy!

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Photos by Mandy Pardo

halloween 2018

Happy Halloween! The girls looked cute as ever as donuts and a sheep. This wasn’t the plan though… Ms. Elliot wanted to be a Cheeto. Yep, she wanted her favorite snack to come to life and be a walking orange puff. Luckily, thankfully she saw Cora’s costume completed and thought it was so cute that she wanted to be a donut too. Phew! Here are the annual Halloween pictures. Things started out okay… then just got progressively worse.


Blurry pic, but I thought this was so sweet! Elliot and Cora were so good with Aria this year – holding her hand, walking up to the houses with her and making sure that she gets candy (just what she needs). The weather was pretty perfect for MN and we all had a really fun night! Now, to get rid of the 40 lbs. of candy they got…

mpls sculpture garden

ONE WEEK UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS! With just a short amount of time left for summer adventures, we took advantage of the day… even in the rain! The girls remember going to the “cherry on the spoon park” about 5 years ago, you can see that here, oh my goodness they were so little!! They keep asking to go back every time we drive by so this morning we told them we were going on an adventure and we went! Despite the rain, and chilly temps, hello, we’re still in August over here… we had a fun time exploring and running around!


Summer is quickly coming to an end… you can see our other summer adventures here. We’re all excited for school to start (especially Mama), but we’re checking off the last few things on our summer bucket list before it’s back to a routine. Next up, the Minnesota State Fair!

aria’s first birthday

ONE ::
Well, little love… here we are. ONE YEAR! And what a fun year it has been!! As much as my heart wants to keep you little forever, it is such a joy to watch you grow. From only wanting to be with Mom, to slooowly becoming more accustomed to other people, to your buck-tooth smile when you sass with your sisters; you are a joy and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings. We love you so much, Miss Aria. Thank you for completing our family. Happy GOLDEN Birthday!


Halloween 2017

When Mama’s coffee obsession goes a little too far…😋☕ But these have got to be the cutest Starbucks barista, frappuccino and espresso bean I’ve ever seen!


It was a chilly night – only 34 degrees, but the girls bundled up and had a blast! Can’t help but think about next year when we’ll have three trick-or-treaters!

family photos 2017

It’s that time of year again… FAMILY PHOTOS!! I have a love/hate relationship with family photos. I love capturing the moment of our family at that particular time of year, but I hate finding coordinating outfits, props, and making candy-filled promises for a tear-free and big-smile-but-don’t-look-like-a-robot time. It just gets to be so stressful, especially as a family of five now. But somehow, this year just seemed easier. Maybe I didn’t care as much or I was just in the mindset that it is what it is, but to make things as easy as possible, the girls wore outfits they already owned and the photoshoot only lasted about 10 minutes, taken in our backyard. And although Aria was in desperate need of a nap, and we have a total of two pictures where everyone is smiling (or at least not screaming)… I still love them so darn much! I’m so thankful for the way these photos are gentle reminders to slow down and enjoy life’s moments as they happen – tears and all :)

DAN17SEPT (2)DAN17SEPT (3)DAN17SEPT (4)DAN17SEPT (5)DAN17SEPT (7)collage2DAN17SEPT (12)DAN17SEPT (13)collage1DAN17SEPT (15)DAN17SEPT (19)Photos taken by Mandy Pardo.